Vieway is a creative and innovative design agency based in Kempton Park, Gauteng Province.

//we do awesome things, that what we are here for//

We have over eight years experience in the design industry and pride ourselves on working with our clients, rather than for them. Creating a collaborative relationship that solves our customer needs and results in work that is perfect for purpose.
Having full range of design skills we cover both digital and print design.


Working with print has been the basis of most long standing design agencies. We've managed large brochure jobs, newsletters and smaller jobs like flyers and leaflets.
We work with trusted printers who we know deliver the best results on time and of a high quality that complements our design standards.

Website / Digital Design

Arguably pretty much every business needs a web presence these days, but not every client knows what they need and how to get it.
We understand that the world of website design and digital marketing design can be a hard one to manage for some clients. Having worked with both large and small businesses on their online material gives us the experience to asses our clients needs and create a website that suits them.

Branding / Logo Design

Every business is different, which means that each branding design job should be individual and tailor made to that business. Getting to know our clients and their businesses is how we create design that works for them. Putting ourselves in their shoes and knowing what their company is about is key to developing an aesthetic that’s perfect. Your logo and branding is how people will visually identify your business, first impressions can not be understated. We are here to create a design that you’re 100% happy with.

Digital Illustration

Digital illustration is something we love creating. It's normally a chance for our clients to express their message in a more creative way.
We have created digital illustrative work for Christmas cards, wall graphics, posters, record covers, book covers and more! We’re open to all concepts!

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